Should I use a Mattress Topper with my Memory Foam Mattress?

So, you have just purchased a memory foam mattress online and the website is suggesting you buying the memory foam topper as well. Now, you must be pondering on whether it is needed or not. Well, the article will clear the cloud of the dilemma on this matter. 

Before we get started, let’s know what a mattress topper is.  

Just as the name suggests, a mattress topper is something that you use over your regular mattress. In general, a mattress topper is an added layer between your mattress and bedsheet. You can also consider it extra light, thin, and comfy mattresses used to add a pinch of extra comfort and coziness for you. 

The thickness of the mattress toppers varies and can range anywhere between 1-3 inches. You can decide upon the thickness depending upon your requirement. A mattress topper can either be of memory foam or cooling gel material. We suggest you choose the mattress topper made from memory foam. 

The reasons for saying so are: 

  • Better body contouring and pressure distribution 

The very first purpose of adding mattress topper is to add that added cushioning effect in the bed. Because of this added cushioning, your body gets proper support and has equal pressure distribution. This further brings relief in aching back, neck, or shoulder. Also, the distinct ability to detect the temperature difference in body parts gains it an edge over gel mattress topper

Memory foam mattress topper can remember your body shape and adjust perfectly each time you lied on. This allows you to gain a proper sleeping position reducing the pressure on certain body parts. 

  • Bring life to your old mattress 

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