If you want your garden to look beautiful and appealing to the eye, consider including many purple flowers in it. Purple color flowers exist in different varieties and therefore give many options to choose from. They are regarded as a sign of loyalty, and they will boost the look of your garden significantly.

We researched and came up with a very exhaustive list of best selections of purple flowers and their respective requirements so you can choose whichever will work best for you.


  1. Meaning Of The Purple Flowers

They signify loyalty and mostly used in high-end celebrations. They are very luxurious flowers hence their demand to grow in gardens is usually very high.

  1. Their Arrangements

The bouquets arrangement of these flowers is elegant adding a feel of the class. No wonder they are used in wealthy societies because of their symbol of loyalty.

  1. Different Types Of Flowers For Your Garden

a. Verbena Verbena Bonariensis

This flower originated from South America and grown as an annual or perennial flower. When mature, they develop as a woody base. They are in the form of clusters that range from lavender to rose-purple. If you have a cottage garden, this is your best selection.

Verbena grows best in well-drained moist soil and seeds are planted in autumn.

b. Lavender Lavandula

Grown in perennial or herbal beds with well-drained soils. Watering should be done well especially when the oil is almost dry. One of the benefits of the flowers is that they attract butterflies and are very fragrant.

c. Clematis

These offer the best mauve flowers types and grow to a height of thirty feet. When fully bloomed, they produce the most purple color flowers than any other flower. Though mostly grown in containers, they can also be grown in gardens.

For growing to ensure they have enough space and the soil is well drained. Though they don’t require a lot of maintenance, they need a lot of watering every day.

d. Bellflower Campanula

There are more than 500 known species that are found in the northern hemisphere.They include annual plants, biennial, and perennial plants.They exist in different colors and sizes but most of them appear in cup-shaped turned up in lavender, pink and blue colours.

They are ideal for ground cover.Small sized flcampanula are used in containers and grow up to three inches though may spread up to fifteen inches wide.

e. Dwarf Irish Reticulata

Originated from turkey and the Caucasian mountains. It has grass-like leaves and grows up to four inches. They work best in containers, under trees and rock gardens where they are used as a border.

f. Balloon Flower Platycodon

They belong to the Campanulaceae family and originate from East Asia in countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. It grows up to twenty-four inches in height and spreads twelve inches wide. It is quickly noticed because of its flower bud that swells in the form of a balloon when it is opening, hence its name. The petals are blended creating a bell shape feature at the bottom.

They are very weather resistant and less challenging to grow and require full sun and some shades when it reaches maturity.

In conclusion, regardless of the purple flowers that you select for your garden or containers, know the requirements of each flower to realize prosperous and healthy bloomers.