Being old doesn’t mean that there is no reason to look good. With wrinkles on the face and white hair, no woman can feel odd among youngsters as long as they feel confident within themselves. Yes, the real change starts from their mind that has to feel and think like a young woman. Having short hair isn’t the problem because like every age group, hair stylists have also created some short hairstyles for older women so that they can also follow the prevailing trends in their own way.

Remember that age is just a number that shouldn’t affect thoughts and style options. LoveHairstyles is available at your ease to assist with professional skills and fashion knowledge. Have a look at some of the short hairstyles for older women and pick up the best one:

  1. Layer Graduated Bob

With textured layers and fun highlights, this short hairstyle is best suited to old ladies who always worry about how to style their short hair and look younger than their age. There are no restrictions, of face shape and hair texture, to wear this haircut as it has got optimal versatility and boosts confidence.

  1. Blue Steel Pixie

It has turned out to be one of the best short hairstyle for older women because of the availability to use creativity along with maintaining uniqueness and style statement. It allows women to create a color combination of their choice. However, they should always let the hair stylist know about their work environment, responsibilities and budget to ensure everything would complement their expectations.

  1. Carefree Pixie

Following the concept of softness and carefree, this haircut is capable to enhance features with the help of soft contours as per the face structure. It works with natural waves and textures while needs help from light styling products for carefree maintenance.

  1. Spunky Pixie

Having a busy schedule? Don’t have much time to take care of hair? If yes, then it’s the perfect hairstyle to go with. From the cut to the color, everything seems to be quite perfect and easy to maintain. The best of all, old women can either keep the same look or opt to have pompadour appearance, following their style needs.


  1. Easy to Style A-Line

Among various short hairstyles for older women, nothing could beat the timelessness of this haircut since it remains in fashion, irrespective of the trends and style changes. It gives an edgy, fashionable look while allows women to easily style in whatever way they want.

  1. Liberated Shag

For older women, who want to look chic and sassy, liberated shag is the perfect answer. The best thing is the color selection that women can do on their own and expect to have greater emphasize on the shaggy layers backed by some disconnected ones. It is best suited for thin hair with a triangular, heart or oval-shaped face.

  1. Ageless Spunk

There are many short hairstyles for older women that only explain not to worry about age because it’s just a number. Ageless spunk is one of those haircuts that look modern and spunky on adult women. As its name suggests, women, of any age, can easily wear this haircut and bring significant transformation in their looks.

Classy and Sassy Short Hairstyles for Older Women