Women usually prefer to keep a medium hair. There are wide varieties of hairstyles that you can do if you have a thick and strong medium hair. If you want a trendy and a fashionable look, layered haircuts to medium hair is recommended. If you have been seeing endless common hairstyles everywhere you search, we are here to help in, providing and showing you the best among the best for you to select from. Medium length layered hairstyles might be common, but we showcase the most fashionable and out of style haircuts.

  1. Stacked up hairstyle


This hairstyle is simple yet extraordinary. Women with a thick medium hair can’t opt for this hairdo. You can suggest this to your hairdresser for the exact same haircut; layers below the neck area will look fabulous on you. A stacked-up layers gives you an elegant and a professional look.

  1. Red waves


If your aim is to make your red colored hair look bright and funny? This is one you should opt for. Thai hairstyle gives a bit of sassiness to it. Partial curls here and there add perfection to the overall haircut. It is most definitely not a common hairstyle. Stand out among the crowd with this style of hair.

  1. Messy yet modern look


If you are this punk rock kind of a person who loves wearing leather jacket and who loves riding bikes and all, check this out. This is a simple modern hairstyle with a little bit of layers in it. You can part your front layers on one side to top off this look.

  1. Wavy and curly


Are you a fan of in between hairstyle? Do you like both wavy and curly hairs mixed up? If yes, then this is for sure your kind of a look. A side bang and curls on the edges with an in between parting of hairs is what you are looking for. Even if you don’t wear any make up, you hair style will make it up for it.

  1. Def leopard hairstyle


Are you a Def leopard fan? Because this is truly a rocking look. Not everyone can pull this off, but if you do, carry on with pride. It’s usually hard to blend in with a normal crowd with this look. But if you consider yourself daring, go join a band even if you don’t know how to sing or play an instrument. It’s a true rock and roll style.

Layers are in fashion now and it will prevail in the coming years as well. Never hesitate to try a new look on yourself because we all have one life. Keep changing your hairstyles and stick on to the one which you find yourself beautiful in.

Be daring enough to try out a look even if it doesn’t get any appraisal from the normal crowd. Keep up with the latest fashion trends and try to look as sassy as you can. A hairstyle says a lot about you and your looks.