Watches are one of the essential parts of the personality. There are many types of watches; dress watches, sports watches, and mechanical watches. They possess many remarkable features such as night vision features, measuring distance, finding altitude with the help of a compass needle and digital display. Apart from these, they are available in many alluring styles and designs that supplement your personality.

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Buying a watch is not less than an art or a skill. It requires much vigilance. Whenever you buy something, majorly two things are related to it; your emotions and need. Once you see anything in the market, you opt to buy that from the core of the heart. In the case of the watch, you always wish to have it at any cost. Emotions are something that comes from the unconscious mind. When your feelings get attached to it, you leave all the technical perspectives related to it.

When you go for the selection of the watch, the function of the clock should also be given equal importance. Sometimes it happens that the things you select do not go with your personality. Your emotions say that you have to buy it, but the mind reveals the other facts related to it. A minor example is the size of the dial. A watch should be according to the wrist of the wearer: the size of the dial and its shape matter in the selection.

The next feature you have to look upon is the water resistance. Many watches are very appealing, but in fact, do not possess the required elements. Your emotions can tempt you to ignore the features like water resistance, but in the long run, it is essential for you. Some watches are just resistant to the splashing rain and sweat. If you opt to have a standard clock, look for the observations having moisture resistance up to 50 to 100 meters.

The other considerable thing is your requirement. The requirement varies with the venue. If you are a businessman, you cannot select the hip hop stylish watch. Here, you have to leave your liking and need to choose a sober clock that is appropriate in a business and formal settings. Similarly, you cannot select a jewelry watch in place of the sports watch. When it comes to professional life, the requirement dominates over the emotions.

The other problem is the fake watches. Whenever you go for buying a watch, you do not think of examining it. As you have liked the clock by its appearance, you do not bother to check its originality. In the market, many fake watches are available that copy the designs of famous brands like Rolex and Seiko. Thus, in the stream of emotions, you select a fake watch. This fake watch may cost you the same but is made up of substandard material with the reduced functions.

Thus, while selecting a watch, the functions should also be taken into consideration. On many occasions, you cannot sacrifice the functions. Any observation, just having an attractive design, is of no use. When you go for buying a watch, try to link your emotions with the technical aspects related to the function of the clock.

Emotion Vs. Function When Buying a Watch