Anniversary is a very special occasion that marks the lives of two people as a “couple” in love. Therefore, this day calls for a huge celebration for the love that two people share. We have listed down some surprises that you can gift to your uncle and aunt to make them feel special on their anniversary and celebrate the day with them.

#1. An intimate gathering

If your uncle and aunt are social, then, you can invite some of their closest friends along with your entire family and then celebrate their anniversary. Since it is a special occasion you can also organise the party at a beautiful hotel and keep all their cuisines on the menu. You can also decide a theme for the party and ask everyone to follow the theme. After giving this surprise to your uncle and aunt, you can ask them to change their dresses and fit into something that suits the theme of the party which you can already pick out for them and keep the dress aside.

#2. An act of love

You along with your cousins can enact the entire journey of how your uncle and aunt met and then how they fell in love and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Reliving all those years and going down the memory lane in that magical time is going to bring smiles on their faces. You can also get pictures from your grandmother and then dress according to what they wore and how they talked to give a different vibe to the entire scene.

#3. A gift that they remember for a lifetime

You can also make them feel really special by gifting them something that they would probably remember for a lifetime. You can gift them something like a special promise ring or a locket that they need to keep with themselves which probably reminds one of the other person. This is a superb idea and will make up for a very thoughtful gift. You can also get something customized for the two of them like a photo frame with the catchphrase that the two of them use frequently imprinted on it.

#4. Celebrations and cakes can never go wrong

Celebrations in other words mean cake. Well, actually, it doesn’t but for almost everyone that I know, it does. So, it would not be a bad idea to order a cake like Red Velvet Cake Online for your relatives. You can order online and there are numerous options available for marriage anniversary cake that you can request for.  They also have options for customizing the cake with a picture on top and also getting it delivered on the same day. You can also get the cake delivered at midnight with a bouquet of red roses to grace the occasion. Your uncle and aunt are going to feel so very special with this gesture of yours and it is definitely going to make their day an amazing one.