Looking great matters whether you are 16 or 60. A new style gives you confidence, strength and perspective. For women over 60, there are many short hairstyles that flatter and enhance your look. In fact, you may find that these short hairstyles for women over 60 compliment your look, sense of style and personality even more than your current style.

Whether you want to find a hairstyle that is super short, adds volume or leans toward the trendy cut, there are many options for women over 60. These styles can help make your hair more manageable and you will look great too.


A Fresh New Look – Which One Will You Choose?

  1. The Popular Pixie

This short style gives you a playfully classy look for all occasions, and it’s low on maintenance too. The pixie works great for thinner hair. Cut short on the sides and back with a bit more length on top, you can leave it a little longer on and add some simple waves. Or get some fringy bangs soften up the look. Shorter bangs can be smoothed to one side for a sleek style or leave them a little longer and sweep to one side.

  1. Oh those Layers!

Layering your short hairstyle gives your hair more volume and removes some of the weight from your style. Wear a layered look with ends flipped out with a feathered flair, roll it inward for a smoother shape, or anywhere in between. This looks great for all face shapes, and gives you the opportunity to change as is appropriate for your daily style.

  1. Medium Layers – Long on Versatility

Not quite ready to go really short? Medium layers give you some great options too. With a shoulder-length cut, layers will add shape and fullness to your hair. Keep your bangs a little longer and they blend with your longer layers. Trim them short and straight and wear them in a classic across the front style.

  1. Trendy Short Shag

While we are thinking about layers, consider a layered shag hairstyle. The shag is simply short haircut with increasing long layers, and may also have some texturizing for more volume. The shag is typically styled in a tousled appearance but can be smoothed by flipping the layers inward.

  1. The Versatile Bob

There are so many variations on the bob.  For a few great short bob options, the hair is cut to about jaw length. A higher volume version is a stacked bob which rounds the shape of your hair and frames your face. A sleeker bob style leaves hair looking as if it is all one length but will still give you volume. The inverted bob is shorter in back with more length on the sides and front.