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“The great thing about the Internet isn’t that you can reconnect with old friends or stay up to date with developing world events or send pictures of newborns immediately around the world. It is simply that you can log on to from anywhere and order fresh underwear immediately after seeing your life flash before your eyes.”

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Asos launches new return policy after announcing it will blacklist ‘serial returners’

Asos launches new return policy after announcing it will blacklist ‘serial returners’

Online retailer Asos has announced a change to its returns policy which could lead to some users having their accounts deactivated.

Earlier this year, Asos, in addition to several other retailers, said it was going to start blacklisting “serial returners” from the website.

“Serial returners” is a term which refers to consumers who frequently buy clothes online, wear them, and then return them for a full refund.

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This week, Asos sent an email to its shoppers, detailing the change to its returns policy.

The company stated that in order to ensure returns are made in a “sustainable” way, if it notices an “unusual pattern” of returns activity, it may “investigate and take action”.

Asos provides more information about its “fair use” policy on the website, explaining that it’s unlikely to affect the majority

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