A revealing bodycon dress has caused a furore on Mumsnet after a user posted a link to the lace-up garment, labelling it “an accident waiting to happen”.

The black tank dress is being sold by international online retailer Dresslily.com, where it’s currently on sale for $18 (£13).

The user who spotted it wrote: “AIBU to think that this dress is an accident waiting to happen!”

‘If you farted in that dress, would it come out as a whistle?’ (Dresslily.com)

Clearly, she is not being unreasonable in her supposition, as her post has since generated a flurry of outraged responses from fellow users, mocking and gawping at the corset-style frock, which reveals a substantial amount of flesh, in equal measure.

While some users lambasted the dress for its unflattering fit – “I’d look like sausage meat stuffed in an orange net in that” and “I think most folk would look like a pork joint” – others voiced concerns as to the lack of material on offer: “Christ on a bike! She’ll catch her death of cold”.

However, one person explained the distinct lack of fabric might be to thank for the garment’s affordable price tag: “No wonder it’s so cheap,” they wrote, “it’s only half a dress”.

Others labelled it more costume-like in its aesthetic, while several others described it as “lingerie”.

One problem several savvy users pointed out was that the area of the body that is somewhat covered by the lace-up detail might bring up a few sartorial conundrums regarding underwear.

“There is absolutely no underwear you could use,” wrote one person.

“Everyone would know you’re completely naked. One wrong move and you’d unravel completely.”

However, others suggested that using the toilet could be made slightly easier thanks to the garment’s rather short hemline:

Gosh you could go to the loo without having to take anything off,” suggested one user.

On the website, the dress is described as “extreme sexy and alluring. This mini bodycon dress featuring skin baring lace-up throughout the body”, adding that it’s made of “elastic fabric”.

There is currently only one review of the dress on Dresslily.com thus far:

“Really sexy,” writes the reviewer, who gives the garment five stars.

“A little hard to wear, but looks really nice! 10/10”.

The Independent has contacted Dresslily.com for comment.

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