Green Emerald is the highly precious gemstone and is very is the birthstone for the may month. the color composition of the emerald gives a great beauty. bluish green color to vivid green color, the emerald quality ranges between these colors. usually emerald is gifted in the 55th anniversary. It is the stone with the divine energy of the goddess ‘Venus’. It is commonly known as the “healer stone”.

Shapes of Emeralds

Emeralds are cut in high variation of the shapes. it is very critical to handle the emerald gemstone as it breaks in contact to the high heat and high pressure. Round cut emeralds is the most famous among all, but the octagonal shapes emerald gemstone has also been gaining its popularity nowadays. Round shaped emerald is mostly seeked by the people because the refractive index for the round shape is higher due to which it gives high sparkle to the stone than others. besides, emeralds stone is also found in other shapes like Oval, Princess, Pear, and Marquise.

according to the color composition and clarity, emeralds are graded into four grades: AAA, AA, A and B. Every emerald found naturally have some clarity defects which includes inclusions, clouds, needles, feathers, crystals, and cavities. these can be seen by the naked eyes without magnifications.  the price of the emeralds differs along with the grades of the stone.

Why should we use emerald stone?

Emerald gemstone is believed to have the mystical powers. If worn in a right manner it flows the immense power to the wearer. As it is the stone of the mercury planet, it holds an immense amount of energy. The benefits of the emerald stone can be listed below:

1)People using the emerald stone are believed to life a happy and peaceful life. It helps in the prosperous relationship. It prevents the wearer to get into any conflicting environments, thus helps in living a happy life and bring the unity among the family members.

2) The emerald stone brings in the wealth and money in the family. It helps in maintaining the chakras for the beneficial position of stars that helps in gaining the wealth and opportunities.

3) The emerald stone is directly connected with the mind energy, so for the people who cannot gain the concentration and focus in their work are highly benefited by this gemstone.

4) It acts as a fortune gainer. For everyone who has the series of bad events in everyday life can use this gemstone to bring upon the good luck. It shields the evil energy to enter in to the body, and provides with the good fortune.

5) this gemstone has the immense power in the spiritual energy. It highly increases the reasoning power of the wearer.

6)the emerald gemstone shields the wearer from the negative and evil energies. It also calms the mind during the sleep by preventing the nightmares.

7) in ancient period, people use to gift the emerald gemstone to their loved ones to increase the loyalty and faithfulness in their relationship. Hence the stone helps in a good couple relationship.

8) it reduces the chances of the accidents, especially snakes and reptiles are highly repellent to this stone.

9) for the pregnant women, the emerald stone has the great benefits acting upon both mother and children. It reduces the chance of miscarriage and abnormal birth by keeping it close to the body of the mother.

Caring of the Emerald stone:

The beautiful emerald stone must to taken a special care for the evergreen beauty. While cleaning the dishes and other cleaning activities, never put on the ring. Always be cautious about the scratches in the stone because it dulls the beauty of the stone.

While cleaning the emerald stone, use the room temperature water and soap to rub the stone. Don’t use the sharp and rough object to rub the stone. You can use a soft brush and clean the stone to retain the beautiful shine of the gemstone. Strictly avoid the stone from the ultrasonic and acetate cleaning.