What’s the point of spending hours getting brusher, weaving or washing your hair when you can get perfect hair with a wig?

One day long hair, the next day short. One week, a blond polar hair, the next, dressed in an elegant tie & dye in brown tones … The stars make them see all the colors in their hair and change their style as dress on red carpet. But these metamorphoses as sudden as spectacular are often subterfuges. Their secret?

Lace wigs, undetectable lace or lace wigs online singapore that allow you to have fun with colors, cuts and textures. Rihanna, Katy Perry and others use and abuse it. Latest to date to cheat to adopt a new color? Emily Ratajkowski who went from brown to red in the blink of an eye. A change she did not fail to share on Instagram, stating that it was a wig.

For the effect to be even more credible, some do not hesitate to choose models that play on the root effect in the image of Kylie Jenner. Sometimes it can also be an opportunity to test a new cup before making a radical change. So Katie Holmes had tried the short square fringed version wig malaysia in 2015, before cutting everything really a few weeks ago.

In any case, these hair accessories allow the stars to have fun and especially to do so without any dramatic consequences for their hair. Because VIP or not, the hair never come out unscathed from an abusive succession of colorations. And it’s not the hairdressers who will say the opposite.

Naomi Campbell unveils a photo of her without a wig

Sunday December 23, the British supermodel posted a rare picture of her without a wig on her Instagram account.

Naomi Campbell “laid bare” without her synthetic hair. Or at least that’s what the legendary top of his latest selfie posted on Instagram says. Indeed, the new muse 48-year-old NARS removed his woman wig singapore for a photo, to the surprise of its subscribers who have rarely seen without a long mane. On this selfie, she wears a braid flush with the skull, and seems lazy, like a Sunday at the approach of the holidays, in what looks like a wicker chair. Natural hair so, but all the same.


A photo all the more unusual since in 2017, in a long interview for the newspaper The Evening Standard, the English model had revealed to have suffered from alopecia for several years. The pathology, which makes the hair fall in packs, leaves some areas of the scalp balding. “Fortunately they pushed back,” she told the British newspaper. Due to excessive weaving and recurrent extensions, the top ended up losing a lot of her mane: “I take care of my hair a lot now (…) I am much more vigilant than before and I do things differently She explains to The Evening Standard.

Treatments and daily care have helped a lot in regrowth and since then, the top has been wearing a “wig” or weaving. As she told the British newspaper so well last year: “If I want to wear a wig, I wear one and that’s it!”